Welcome to Gay Life!

We are a new men’s lifestyle website and magazine for young gay men, helping you come to terms with your sexuality and entertaining you along the way.

Here at Gay Life, we are massive believers in the power of real life stories. Growing up and realising that you are gay is difficult for all of us, but by reading other people’s life stories, we can help ourselves deal with those same issues. So whether you are struggling with coming out, finding a partner, or being HIV positive amongst many other things, we believe that Gay Life will have something you can relate to.

We want to help you come to terms with your sexuality and help you deal with all of the issues that come along with being gay.

It is easy to forget exactly what you went through when you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, but for those who haven’t made it that far yet, it can be a very lonely and isolating time.

We remember the tears and the sleepless nights, and we know we weren’t the only ones. For us, the best help we ever received was what we learned from other people’s stories, and that is exactly what Gay Life is for.

We hope you love our new website and the first edition of our magazine. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @gaylifemag or drop us an email at editor@gaylifemagazine.co.uk or you can fill out the form below.


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