Since its release three years ago, Weekend has already become a must-watch for every gay man. Directed and written by Andrew Haigh, the film follows the lives of Glen and Russell, two gay men who meet on a night out.

Instead of focusing on fantasy, Weekend shows the reality of how gay men meet and end up getting together. The film depicts many of the shortfalls of gay culture from hooking up with strangers, drug abuse and the lack of acceptance gay men sometimes feel towards themselves. It highlights the fact that gay sex is rarely talked about, and when it is, it’s in a way that makes fun of it. It even shows that some gay men see anal sex as a breach of their masculinity.

Although the pace is fast, that only adds to the realism. It shows how fast paced relationships can sometimes be and how fast feelings can develop, and how devastating it is when things fall apart.

Both Tom Cullen and Chris New shine as actors, and they manage to portray the genesis of a relationship with far more believability and far more heart than Hollywood has ever done.

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