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With a strip that rivals Ayia Napa, lots of historic landmarks and one of Europe’s best water parks, Corfu has a little bit of something for everyone

The quiet towns

If you’re looking for a peaceful holiday, then places like Gouvia, San Stefanos and Kassiopi are exactly what you’re looking for. With sandy beaches and candle-lit tavernas, these quiet towns have a lot to love.

The party town

If partying is your main priority, then head straight for Kavos. With strobe lights and partying until the early hours, it’s the perfect place for partygoers. That said, you’ll still find the odd quiet spot. Perfect for the days when you want to avoid the clubs.

The perfect mix

If Gouvia, San Stefanos, Kassiopi and Kavos aren’t up your street, then maybe Sadari is the town for you. Based in the North of Corfu, it’s the perfect mix of peacefulness and partying.

The Greek weather

If there’s one thing you can count on in Greece, then it’s the guaranteed good weather throughout the summer. Temperatures are usually in the 30s, and with 12 hours of sunshine a day you’ll definitely catch a tan. As for rain, you’ll rarely see a drop, especially throughout July and August.

The best beaches

If there’s one thing Corfu definitely has, it’s amazing beaches. Mon Repos Beach is 2 kilometres from Corfu Town, at the edge of the royal palace gardens. There’s plenty room to sunbathe in peace and plenty of shelter when you don’t want to be in the sun. If you’re staying more in the North of Corfu, then why not check out Sandy Fallraki Beach, Corfu’s oldest bathing spot.

Aqua Land

Aqua Land is one of the best water parks in Europe, and is based in the centre of the Corfu island in the town of Agios Loannis. With 36 different water slides, 15 adventure pools and Jacuzzi, it’s a great day out for groups of friends and families too.

History of Corfu Town

Corfu Town comes with lots of historic sights. As well as the fortresses, there’s the Mon Repos Palace – where the Duke of Edinburgh was born. And St Spiridon’s Church, which has the highest bell tower in town, is home to the mummified remains of the island’s patron saint. Then there’s a brace of museums, including the Byzantine Museum of Corfu, which is housed in a 15th-century church in the Mouragia part of town. It houses valuable icons dating back to the same period.

A little culture

For those who are into a little culture, Corfu has some must-see museums. The Corfu Shell Museum is not only the only one in Greece, but it’s also Europe’s best museum dedicated to shells and other treasures from the sea. Kapodistrias Museum is also worth a visit. The 17th century mansion now contains the possessions and furniture of John Kapadistrias, first president of the Modern Greek State.

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