Introducing: Spark


Spark started selling her music at local markets at the age of just 13, and now at 21, her incredible voice and gorgeous, powerhouse soul and R&B sound are ready for the big league.

“I’ve been writing and singing for as long as I can remember,” Spark explains. “I don’t have one of those ‘I was five years old and I was singing in the school choir and my teacher knew I had something special’ stories, although that sounds pretty good now I’ve said it – but no, being a writer and singer is all I’ve ever known. It started from day one.”

All those years of practice are definitely paying off. Spark’s incredible gift for singing and song writing is what has made her one to watch this year. She is hotly tipped to be the British breakthrough act of 2014 following wide praise of her single Take it Back.

Spark is unsigned, although that is because she wants to release her music on her own terms.

“I wanted to work with people that I could be locked in a room for hours or days with and be able to sit, talk, create and somehow bring out the best in each other,” she explains. “When people with a shared passion come together, that’s when the best work is created. Masterpieces. Classics.”

According to her Facebook profile, “classics is exactly what her new material contains – by the bucket load. Spark’s incredible voice soars through R&B tinged future-hits.”

Her EP First is out now at

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