October: Hottest Man Of The Month

October has seen the much-anticipated return of Peaky Blinders, starring none other than our hottest man of the month, Cillian Murphy. Fans of the show can once again swoon over bad boy Tommy Shelby as he plans to expand the family empire. With his smouldering good looks, piercing blue eyes and lustful Irish accent we are sure can see why we picked Cillian as our hottest man for October. Bravo Cillian, Bravo! Here are ten reasons why we love him.

1. He’s better at being a woman than most women.

woman edited

2. He owns the most in demand eyes ever.

eyes edited

3. His smile is to die for.

smile edited

4. His cheekbones could give Victoria Beckham a run for her money. 

cheek bones edited

5. He looks good with a beard.

beard edited

6. He can pull off geek chic.

geek edited

7. He’s got swag.

swag edited

8. He thinks intelligence is sexy.

intelligence edited

9. He’s passionate.

passion edited

10. He even looks good rough.

rough edited

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