Samsung Galaxy S5

Rather than a complete reboot, Samsung’s newest addition builds on what was already a solid phone while embracing the future. We take a look at the shiny Samsung Galaxy S5

techMuch like the HTC’s One M8, the Galaxy S5 is a carefully considered upgrade rather than a complete reboot. Take a look at the specs…


Fronting the phone is a big and bright 5.1-inch Super AMOLED full-HD screen, with the same 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor found on the HTC One M8.


The rear brings more upgrades, with the camera boosted from 13 to 16 mega-pixels and able to shoot video in 4K. You’ll need a 4K TV to watch it, though, as the screen can’t display a 3840×2160 resolution.

Fingerprint scanner

Copying from rival Apple, you’ll find a fingerprint scanner on the home button, making your phone more secure as well as using your fingerprint to authenticate PayPal payments.

Heart-rate monitor

If fitness is your thing, then you’ll love the heart-rate monitor packed in to the S5. To activate it, hold your finger over the sensor next to the camera flash for eight seconds. While it might not be medically accurate, it can assess the strenuousness of your workout.


Samsung aren’t just copying off Apple, with the S5 they’ve followed Sony’s lead too, and made the S5 water-resistant in up to one metre of water.

Battery life

An upgrade wouldn’t be an upgrade without better battery life. The S5 is packed with a new Ultra Power Saving feature, which disables non-essential functions and switches your screen to black and white while you have low battery life. Samsung boldly claim that if you turn on the power saving feature with ten per cent battery, you’ll get an extra 24 hours of calls and texts.

Final say

While the faux leather back might put people off, the Galaxy S5 offers a strong mix of cutting edge technology and conversation-starting features to give it an edge in the Android market.

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