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Getting back to the swing of it with gay adult store Esmale!

Right, it looks like it might really be happening soon, and we can have a level of freedom back. With rules loosening and our favourite bars, club’s and sauna’s opening summer can begin and life can get to a level of normality again.

Not sure about you but here at esmale we cannot wait. As an online gay sex shop we have managed to get through the pandemic ok as we have been lucky enough to supply the UK with some amazing toys, underwear and fetish gear to make lockdown more fun! But now it is time to feel the fresh air and enjoy some flesh-on-flesh action rather than a sex toy.

Most of all we missed eating and drinking out with friends and family. Another thing that we cannot wait for is being in a bar or club, dancing the night away and looking around for some eye candy and possibly getting some action. The chase for someone in the flesh is so much more exciting, nerve-racking, and satisfactory than online pursuits. 

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