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Polity with Simon Lepori

1. Tell us about your background, interests and political career…

Born in Cumbria, I grew up in the south east in St. Albans following my parents’ divorce. My mother has worked in the healthcare sector her whole life; you could say it was in my blood to follow her. However, I rebelled and when to university in Northampton where I studied American Studies & Politics, only starting my health and social care career after my degree. I always had an interest in politics and local community action, unlike Greater Manchester there was no real dominant party locally, and my home town council often changed between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, and even had a Labour member of Parliament from 1997-2005.

When at university I made friends with various people from across the political spectrum, but especially with members of the Young Liberals, and got involved in campaigning with them be it local elections or protesting on national issues including Section 28, equal marriage and race equality.

I never joined a political party however and following my move to Greater Manchester in 2005 I found myself finding friends, settling down and progressing in the health and social care sector in many different roles, life tended to take over. It wasn’t until 2015 and the disastrous election wipe out of the Liberal Democrats that I ended up finally joining, because Britain needs Liberals to help make the case and campaign for social change. I was always going to stand for local council this year in what is known as a non-target ward, with a lack of active members and engaged voters all of the political parties struggle to actively campaign in every part of a local council area, and especially with our out dated first past the post voting system we tend to focus on a few areas in order to win seats at council and national elections. I would, of course, love to represent my own community at some point, but I urge everyone to get involved, join a party, meet other activists and help campaign for what you believe in.

2. You stood as a councillor for Hale Barns in Trafford. What made you want to run for Mayor?

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