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I kissed A Boy!

It may sound like a gender-flipped biopic of the Katy Perry song but it’s the reality TV show the gay community has been waiting for. It our fight for acceptance, awareness, and normalisation, we have yearned to get in front of the cameras and proudly present ourselves to those who thing we’re some kind of abnormality. We are here, queer (or gay) and not going away… unless some hot hunk comes and snaps us up… or kisses us… which is kind of the point of this show.

Let use explain… gay guys coupled up by the producers and their first experience of one another is at first sight, in the form of a miss… passionate or peck, they decide themselves how to pucker up but cannot say a word until after the act (kinky, right?)

So… with the trailer rolling, our lip-smacking in anticipation, and BBC iPlayer on pause, we enlisted our reporter Johnny to give us the lowdown of the much-anticipated series, billed as the first gay dating show of its kind (yes, I know we’ve had first dates, etc.)

Fortunately for me, the gays are always up for a watch party, and some of them indulge in the finer things in life (like access to a television licence to watch the BBC), so I decided to get together and enjoy the series among friends. Anyway, few cocktails later we got the projector on and pressed play….

Now, bear in mind, I hadn’t seen any ads or trailers or anything about this show. In fact, the only thing I know is the name. I kissed a boy. Which, to be honest for a gay dating TV show, is not very revealing.

At the time of writing this, there were 4 episodes out – they released them in 2s – so I could only use what I have. but from what I gathered so far the show seems to go like this.

We have a Masseria (Villa) and the lovely pairs of singletons who have been coupled up. They don’t really tell us much about how they match they guys up, but I guess the big question is ‘are any of the couples going to last till the end?’. With celebrity host Dani Minogue keeping an eye on proceedings, and facilitating the ‘Kiss Off’, between revealing twists and surprises, we’re in for a treat too, as we get comfortable in the sofa, ready for the off.

While at night the singletons are sleeping all in the same bedroom, there’s plenty of space during the day for gossip, secret romance, drama, and shade. But this is not all. Relationships are tested. Jealously, too much, not enough, desire, shyness. We have it all.

We see a newbie joining the group and shifting the dynamics (#shade) and with every boy only being allowed to give one kiss away at the kiss off, you gotta werk… It’s like musical chairs but with kisses instead of chairs and gossip for music. The way to win? make sure you stay as KISSABLE as possible.

What I really enjoyed is the emphasis that was made on the humanity of gay people and relationships. the excitement of blind dating (or in this case kissing), the shy conversations and fiery confessions. In a world where it’s almost normal to be gay (finally) it’s refreshing to get an insight into these guys dating lives and realise the butterflies and the tears are all the same.
Meet the guys here – Click Here!

A highlight of the first pair of episodes, former Mormon Josh has only recently come one and the show is his first real experience into the gay world. He enjoys the attention, his first date and even his first ever kiss! Matched initially with Bobski, he decides he just wants his as a friend but falls for newbie Mikey when he enters the house. Mikey’s reciprocates the feelings but also manages to kiss Bobski, leading to a dilemma at the Kiss-Off (after Mikey also had a date with Ben – who is coupled with Ollie). Ultimately Bobski leaves the masseria, when Mikey opts for Josh, but Josh later decides, although extremely enjoyable and life-affirming, the process is too much and decides to leave (it happens I most series, right?). Huge respect to Josh, from us though, on giving it a go. We’re sure he’ll find someone who will go at his pace and help him to experience everything he wants to. The Pride and – parties are also a highlight as we see each of the boys truly express themselves authentically and proudly, in all manner of attire (I’m thinking arseless chaps from the shy cruiser).

If Tila Tequila, LOVE Island and gay Big (step)Brother had a child, this would be it ️ 4/5 stars. Brilliant for Saturday night with the family, posse or alone with a big bowl of popcorn ice cream, drinks (and a swipeable apps) Follow the conversation along on Twitter: #IKissedABoy

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